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This is the inside story from Steven Smith about the rise of Burnley British National Party.
As the Local Branch Organiser Steven led a small courageous team of community activists from nowhere to become the official local government opposition in their hometown.

There are very few books that will practically inform the reader on how to succeed in community politics while espousing the nationalist message. How It Was Done – The Rise of Burnley BNP: The Inside Story is surely one of those books. This whitepill of a book, should be mandatory reading for all serious community-minded activists engaged in the struggle.

It is not some lesson from the distant past either, but one from modern times. It is the story of Steven Smith and his small team of courageous activists whose determination brought hope to the beleaguered native population of a proud British town. Facing overwhelming odds, they fought through to become the official local government opposition and sent shockwaves right across the nation.

This is a story of chimneys and sandwich-boards, elections and press releases, arson attacks and prison time that will grip the reader from start to finish. The author is also rather frank in his appraisal of certain nationalist personalities and events of the time. Few will argue against his assessement now.

How It Was Done – The Rise of Burnley BNP: The Inside Story is an inspirational read. It has the power not only to uplift but also to motivate. We must make a difference in our own neighbourhoods and after reading this book every reader make that happen. These heroes embraced the struggle, played their part and banished the fear to make victory possible. We can repeat their success in most areas of the nation today. Read and learn from this book, then take positive action to win!

Steven Smith fetaured as a guest on Patriotic Alternative leader Mark Collett’s Book Club show. The book won universal praise on the show as a key resourse for the modern nationalist actvist.

98 pages.

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1 review for How It Was Done – Burnley BNP

  1. connor.marlow (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this. Steve come across as a very single minded and stubborn man.
    There is a lot to take away from his story and mindset

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