Claymore Books offer a library of patriotic and nationalist books

Welcome to Claymore Books

A genuine nationalist source for patriotic and nationalist books.

Claymore Books was founded in 2022 by active ethno-nationalists to primarily serve the nationalist community of the British Isles. British patriots had previously been starved of a pro-active publisher of nationalist, ethno-nationalist, British nationalist and patriotic material for a long-time. Claymore Books is making a positive contribution to the political struggle.

We now ship worldwide and contribute to the struggle for White/European self-determination wherever our people exist. The Claymore Books team are unashamed advocates for the survival and advancement of indigenous people’s throughout the world.

We specialise in publishing and selling books which are hard to obtain or out of print, but are nevertheless of great value to patriots. The books published and sold, are relevant to the current political situation, even though some of the titles may be several decades old.

The aim for us is that our customers read, learn, act and then win back their communities through positive community politics. The listing of any book is not necessarily a full endorsement of the author or the contents. In fact, we will stock titles opposed to our worldview because these help us understand what we struggle against. The reader should be free to examine the ideas expressed and thus make their own judgement.

Want to see your book published?

Claymore Books is always keen to help new and established, nationalist and patriotic, authors and thinkers to publish their works. Please use the Contact Us page to speak to us about your works and projects.

New titles are being listed on a regular basis. Bookmark this website and visit regularly to ensure you get your copy first.